Voting Information

Oswego County Board of Elections

To become a Voter in New York State, you must be 18 years of age by the time of the election and be a resident of an address 30 days before Election day. The deadline to register to vote this year is October 11th. It has to be postmarked by that date and received by the Board of Elections no later than October 16th.

Voting Timeline

For a brief history of Voting in the United States please go to: Voters Rights Timeline

New York State Voting Info.

If you're already a registered voter and would like to look up your districts and voting information, please go to: Voter Search

To fill out a registration form, please go to this site:

Registration Form

Print it, fill it out and don't forget to add your signature.

Then mail it to:

You can now register to vote ONLINE.

Please go to: Register Online

For more information go to: Voting Information

If you need an Absentee Ballot, information can be found in this link: Absentee Ballot

Additional guidelines can be found here: Guidelines

Any questions at all, please call

(315) 349-8350 or (315) 349-8351

You can also send e-mails to:

Dick Atkins

Carol "Peggy" Bickford

They are there to assist you.