New York State

Government Formed in 1777
Population: 19,465,197
Registered Voters: 13, 299, 567
2012 Turnout: 7, 128, 852
Attorney General
Eric Schneiderman
State Comptroller
Thomas DiNapoli
Majority Leader
Joseph D. Morelle
Minority Leader
Brian Kolb
Members Currently Representing Oswego County

District 120
Will Barclay
District 130
Bob Oakes

State Senate

Senate Majority Leader
Dean Skelos
Senate Minority Leader
Andrea Stewart Cousins
State Senator Representing all of Oswego County

48th District
Patty Richie

Other New York State Officials

Agriculture and Markets Commissioner
Darrel J. Aubertine

Children and Family Services Commissioner
Gladys Carrion

Civil Service Commissioner
Jerry Boone

Acting Corrections Commissioner
Anthony J. Anucci

Emprie State Development, President and CEO
Ken Adams
Education Commissioner
John B King

Enviromental Conservation Commissioner
Joe Martins

Financial Services Superintendent
Benjamin Lawsky

Health Commissioner
Nariv Shaw

Labor Commissioner
Peter Rivera
Acting Mental Health Commissioner
Kristin M. Woodlock

Motor Vehicles Commissioner
Barbara J. Fiala

Public Service Commission, Secretary to the Commission
Jaclyn A. Brilling

State Department, Secretary of State
Cesar A. Perales

Taxation and Finance Commissioner
Thomas H. Mattox

Transportation Commissioner
Joan MacDonald