Oswego County's: Guide To Government

Joseph Mullin

Joseph Mullin (Republican), who represents the Twenty-first Senate District, (Oswego and Jefferson Counties), is a son of that distinguished jurist, the late Judge Mullin of the Supreme Court. The son was born in Watertown, N.Y. His father's home on may 29th 1848 and was educated in the public schools of Watertown and finally at the Troy Polytechnic Institute where he received excellent scientific training. The son was like his father, however, in his admiration of law practice, and thus early he began the study of the law and was admitted to law practice. His law partner is Daniel G. Griffin, a distinguished lawyer of Watertown, and the firm has a large law practice, one of its clients being the Rome and Watertown Railway. Mr. Mullin has especially distinguished at the bar by his corporation law practice. He has always been a steadfast Republican, but has never before held an office, his only representative service being a delegate to the National Republican Convention of 1888. He is a director in the Watertown national bank; Farmers' National Bank in Adams, NY; Ontario Paper Company and the Watertown Street Railway Company. He was elected to the Senate by a plurality of 3,568, his opponents being Charles W. Clare (Democrat) and John D. Huntington (Prohibitionist). The Republican plurality in 1889 was 3,996. Mr. Mullin has the honor of being a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Committee on Grievances.