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Oswego County's: Guide To Government | City of Oswego

Town of Volney

Year its Government formed: 1806

2010 Population : 5,926

2012 Voter Turnout: 2,312
2016 Voter Turnout: 2,389
2020 Population: 5,671
2020 Voter Turnout: 2,864

Town Supervisor

Greg Hartranft

Town Council Members

Edward Wavle

Ariane Hamblin-Smith

Garry Stanard

Margaret Rusaw

Town Clerk

Michelle Vant

Town Highway Superintendent

Roger Dunsmoor

Town Court Justices

James Aluzzi
Kelvin Kio

Other Town Officials

Susan Gentille – Town Assessor

Michelle Vant – Town Tax Collector

LeLand Dusharm – Town Constable

Donald Mason and Pamela Mason – Town Animal Control Officer

Bob Coant – Town Historian

Donald Ryan – Town Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer

Brad Chesbro – Town Planning Board Chairperson

County Legislators

MaryEllen Chesbro – District 10

District 10 Map

Linda Lockwood – District 11

District 11 Map

Steve Walpole - District 14

District 14 Map

Robert Wilmott - District 18

District 18 Map

State Assembly

State Assembly District - 120th
State Assemblyman - Will Barclay District Map

State Senate

State Senate District - 50th
State Senator - John Mannion District Map


Congressional District - 24th
Member of Congress - Claudia Tenney District Map

United States Senate

United States Senate - Seat 1

Kirsten Gillibrand

United States Senate - Seat 2

Charles Schumer